Home Herb Garden – 3 Reasons Why Herb Gardening is an Absolute Must!

Being an enthusiast about herb growing, it has become a mission of mine to encourage every household to have its own home herb garden. There are huge benefits of growing your own herbs which you cannot ignore.

First of all, you are improving your health by giving your body the freshest herbs possible. Freshly picked herbs are ideal because this is the time when the vitamin and mineral contents are the highest. You can use them in your cooking or sprinkled on your salads. Making teas from fresh herbs can be refreshing and relaxing.

Another way is to prepare tinctures which can be used to remedy certain ailments. Having a home herb garden in your front or backyard gives you a bit of exercise as well. It is a wonderful feeling working around your herbs outside and breathing in the fresh air, not to mention the feeling of calm that envelopes you as you lovingly touch your herbs!

The second benefit to consider is this: you are not dependent on the market supply of your favorite herbs. How many times have you made a special trip to the local supermarket to buy that special herb you needed that day, but it was not available for whatever reason? When you maintain your own home herb garden, you can have them available all year round. Cost wise, you only pay the initial price of the seeds or seedlings. This sounds like good economics, huh?

If you are truly enthusiastic about having an herb garden in your home, then collect the seeds after the flowering and save them for the next season. This way you avoid the cost of buying new plants or seeds. Also, use propagation to expand the stock of your herbs.

Propagating new plants is also the prefect time to make that special gift for someone. Just find a spare pot, plant the herb and… voilĂ . You are not only giving away a potted herb. A part of yourself has gone into this herb as well, because you nourished and nurtured it with your own hands. You invested your time and love to grow that particular herb and who knows, that investment may pay off one day…..and that’s the best benefit of all.

When I visit friends, I very often find myself checking out their gardens… I look at the general health of the plants, I pull out the weeds from the pots (they don’t belong there!), and check the soil for adequate moisture. I should probably stop doing this but old habits are hard to break!

Herbs and plants in general are very special to me. I find that I can easily transport myself into a different world when I am around them. I truly believe that everybody should have their own home herb gardens. It doesn’t matter whether outdoor or indoor…have at least a single pot!

What Are Some Simple DIY Home Improvement Ideas For Beginners?

If you are a home owner, with a certain amount of involvement, patience and creativity doing DIY projects for your house can be a very rewarding and cost effective experience. One of the most exciting aspects of owning a home are the vast number of changes that you can keep incorporating in your house to increase its value and looks. And when it comes to home improvement projects, it is not always essential to hand over every task to a professional.

So if you are a home owner and are thinking of simple and easy ways to begin DIY projects the following list of ideas will be surely helpful to get you going:

o Indoor and outdoor painting – One of the most easiest and effective way to give your house an instant facelift is to paint it yourself. Painting a home is one of the simplest DIY tasks as well as an inexpensive one. All you have to do is to choose colors that complement your rooms as well as the exteriors of your home. An important point to keep in mind while painting your home is to keep all the flooring, woodwork, switchboards well covered before starting your task.

o Creative woodwork – Though woodwork and carpentry requires practice as well as skill one can always begin with a simple task such as building a bird house in the garden or your porch area. You can look up a simple birdhouse design and include a bird bath as well as a feeder which will be sufficient to keep your home bright and chirpy with your winged guests.

o DIY garden projects – Your garden area is one the best places to do home improvement tasks which can give your whole residence a beautiful look. From mowing your lawns to pruning and weeding you can include a fountain, tree benches, hammocks as well as wind chimes and gravel paths.

o Exterior lighting – Lighting can beautifully enhance the exterior appearance of your home. You can experiment in diverse ways like putting up Victorian style lamp posts at the entrance or creating beautifully lit corners in your garden area.

o Repair work – Another great way to begin DIY home projects is to take up minor repair works such as electrical repairs and plumbing. For this you would need to invest in a good tool box as well as read up about home repair basics in order to perform your task safely and successfully.